#tbt The one time I spent a week deep in Mexico with a girl named Bridgette, all she did was eat Pizza and smoke cigars all day.  We would go skinny dipping mid day to cool off from the scorching heat.  If you see this Bridgette I still have your compass.
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Photo by @mattp_aul #tbt ok mex.
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#tbt The scariest part is not swimming in the #impactzone it’s swimming back to the boat.  This was a image of @nathanfletcher in Fiji 2011 I think? @vans image was cropped due to the square format…
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It was a personal choice to choose Water Photography as my orbit in life.  I’m not sure what type of decision making goes on with someone like @gerglong who chooses Big Wave surfing as a career as seen in this image that delivers both our journeys together representing our passion to push our particular goals to reality.  If you haven’t read the Big Wave issue by @surfingmagazine please do, it has Greg’s perspective about this wave and his story about what it’s like to constantly be pushing boundaries and moving forward with his peers in progressing this side of surfing.  

#tbt Jaws 2012
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And on the final days of life the creator made himself known.  #tbt to one hell of a trip.  @scottnow @liamcassidy @danedamus @tannergud @nastynate808 @r_ritchie
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#tbt to the channel of Teauhpoo.  @nathanfletcher was stoked and I was sunburnt.
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My dad Larry grabbing a jersey for his bodysurf heat earlier this summer #tbt.
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#tbt First decent in #unstad. @forrestshearer @jonessnowboards @deepwatersurf @vans @danedamus @ivan_florence @nastynate808 @r_ritchie @dylangraves @wadegoodall

Classic moment when @raimanaworld surprised @john_john_florence with the news he made it onto the WCT.  #tbt
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