Tahiti Mornings
09.16.14 /14:13/ 6
@nathan_florence dropping into an outer reef in Hawaii.  Check out his interview on @stabsurf and in the new issue out now.
09.12.14 /15:17/ 35
09.12.14 /00:51/ 2
Space Time Factory with @alrikyuill.  Your board looking good @scottnow
09.11.14 /22:07/ 19
A couple weeks ago I was in Tahiti with @nathan_florence.  This image was captured during one of the smaller days, after this wave Nathan told me to give him my camera and fins and go catch a few waves on his board because he wanted to shoot some water photos… Always sharing and always learning. Check out a recent interview on @stabmagazine about the books he has read and the thoughts he carries from day to day routines. Link in Bio.  @vanssurf
09.11.14 /14:23/ 17
@tannergud getting some last minute pointers from fellow goofy footers @nathanfletcher and @joeljitsu in his upcoming WCT heat 5 at Lowers today… #gotanner @positivevibewarriors
09.11.14 /09:46/ 7
Made it back to USA.  Customs snapchat.
09.10.14 /11:24/ 1
She had me at “another beer.”
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