@ivanmaxwellflorence drawing clean lines.  Looking forward to seeing you soon my friend.
04.08.14 /17:41/ 136

No matter where we are we are always living in a liquid world. Here is a short edit of videos I captured with my iPhone between last Thursday and Yesterday.

Chased this swell from Alaska to Hawaii.  Never thought that would happen or be possible but here is the last light on a ground swell mixed with a high pressure producing blue bird skies and glassy conditions from the Alaska to the North Shore.
04.06.14 /14:18/ 31
Just spent the week in Alaska with friends, looking for waves and hitting some steep lines.  Just got back to Hawaii to meet the swell we got in AK.  Can’t wait for the morning.
04.05.14 /02:30/ 6
Found the beach in AK near some steep mountains…
04.04.14 /21:11/ 12
Snows still good as well.  @tarotamai @deepwatersurf #gentemstick
03.31.14 /13:47/ 6
Everyone relax the glaciers are still here…
03.31.14 /12:11/ 6

We went deep today. @gabelanglois we found some features. @deepwatersurf @thomsonn

Check the link in my bio for more about this image.  Virtual surfing with @danedamus. Thanks @raimanaworld for always keeping us safe.
03.29.14 /08:44/ 29
Looking back from outside second reef Pupukeas during a story afternoon.
03.28.14 /18:53/ 21
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