17.8472° S, 149.2672° W
08.14.14 /19:50/ 46
08.13.14 /23:44/ 2
Filming with a #redepic during #getncalssic.  As much as I envy the waves that my friends get to surf I’m equally happy to capture there story.  @dylangraves in the barrel as I float in the third dimension.
08.12.14 /16:53/ 317
A waterfall in our back yard, could you believe that.  #southpacific
08.12.14 /00:35/ 3
The journey starts in our mind then it becomes reality when we look out the modern day port hole.  On to the next adventure chasing the light… 📷 @erik_knutson_
08.09.14 /18:29/ 13
Boat life.
08.08.14 /22:51/ 4
This hurricane has me off route to the #gettnclassic premiere tonight in Santa Cruz at the Rio Theater at 7:30pm.  Hopefully the winds will start blowing east for me soon.  📷 @mattp_aul
08.08.14 /14:03/ 63
Backlit offshore afternoon at Puerto Escondido of Kawika S. shot on Velvia100.  #true
08.05.14 /19:45/ 29
Went to Scotland this year to find ocean energy.  #gettingclassic was apart of it.
08.05.14 /02:09/ 14
You can not go anywhere else in the world and experience the energy of the ocean like Puerto Escondido on at 8ft 18sec swell.  Morning empty at the Mexican Pipeline.  Velvia ISO50 One roll 5 hours.  #gonebutnotforgptten
08.04.14 /14:10/ 31
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