Hello? Ya 12:20 today Duct Tape Invitational starts during the @usopenofsurf at HB.  @joeljitsu @vans @vanssurf
08.01.14 /08:25
@nathanfletcher and his son Lazer.  Hawaii 2014
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Greg Russ loves to surf. Thanks for driving J. #redepic

@leilahurst is surfing live now @usopenofsurf.  Go Leila !
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Time travel.
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Like @hoppers_crossings would say ” just flag pole it” @r_ritchie you did well.   National tequila  day.
07.25.14 /01:06
Did you know that waves are still unridden around the world ?  The search is still on…  RIP @sonnymillerfilms you are our inspiration in travel, adventure, good times… Thank you @r_ritchie @scottnow @nolannow @danedamus @tannergud @patrickgud @leilahurst @dylangraves @wadegoodall @sealtooth @nastynate808 @joeljitsu graham Nash  this was one hell of a ride. @nathanfletcher
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Did you know that we went to Chile and @nathanfletcher found a wane while he was taking a shit behind a shack ?  No joke… It was gong and wait till you see the section in #getnclassic you do not want to miss it…
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End of the roll.
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Cylinders July 22 2014
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Canvas  by  andbamnan