Just cruising through Houston airport looking for my laptop.

Waterfall tasting.  @montaukbrewco
08.30.14 /14:17/ 3
@danilocouto11 deep in Mexico.  #film
08.29.14 /12:17/ 2
This tree holds it’s stories deep below but the future stories will be built above the branches…  #monkeypod
08.28.14 /20:21/ 4
@leilahurst #gettingclassic
08.28.14 /12:23/ 13

The other day randomly @rayneeedrop came into frame under water at the west bowl of Teahupoo. #redepic

@nastynate808 setting up for the west bowl at Teahupoo.
08.25.14 /11:27/ 15
Steep and Deep 2014/2015 coming soon.  @nastynate808 won it as the surfer in 2013 captured by @tony_heff.  What’s it going to take this winter to win it?
08.23.14 /16:29/ 5
Tonight at the @ecscsurf check out #getncalssic movie.  It’s free to the public.  🎥📺🔊
08.21.14 /11:39/ 4
Shooting Nathan Florence this morning under water in Tahiti.  Here is one we got that I like.  @vanssurf
08.19.14 /20:59/ 39
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