10.21.14 /16:37
#t4tuesday and the spontaneous @danedamus who tried to out wit the pack of New Zealand girls who ended up being the kind of girls who like girls.   Dane tried for 4 days too crack the pack into coming to the other side.  He had their full attention, it was full on comedy too see him in full effect but he was sidelined and out numbered in this Latin pool deep in Mexico.   One for the memory banks.  Mean while @happyreef76 called the whole scenario a mile away but Dane didn’t believe Reef as he tried, and tried, and tried…
10.21.14 /09:12/ 2
10.21.14 /07:20/ 2
Tao Rodriguez shredding the streets on Panama.
10.19.14 /19:41/ 4
Afternoon moments.
10.19.14 /15:24/ 3
Mobile office down here in Panama.
10.19.14 /13:10/ 6
Good night creepy photo on the wall.
10.18.14 /21:52/ 1
Looks like Godzilla jammed his surfboard into the ground here in Panama.
10.17.14 /14:23/ 7

andPIPELINE @nathanfletcher

#regram from @vanssurf of @dylangraves from the coldest swim with a camera i have ever experienced.  I had to have @danedamus pee on my hands and feet to thaw them out.
10.16.14 /18:05/ 27
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